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What are some fun and easy recipes for a busy babysitter?

Im babysitting a ten year old, a five year old, and a 7 year old. I need some fun and easy recipes! Please help!
Theyre coming later tonight.

hot dogs, sloppy joes, mac n' cheese, cheeseburgers, oven fried chicken

I would suggest you do something that the kids can help you with that way you don't have to be worrying about what they're up to while you're cooking.

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20 Responses to “What are some fun and easy recipes for a busy babysitter?”

  1. freedom says:

    Your babysitting and asking for recipes, where are the kids?References :

  2. Kari T says:

    you should be concerned with WATCHING the children, NOT cooking.References :

  3. C says:

    make chocolate covered prerzles. Just put the white and black chocolate on the chkered pretzles and put it in the oven on 200 degrees. Look up ice cream sandwich cake on the internet and also make that.References :

  4. eling13c says:

    I do make your own pizzas. Let each child have a piece of dough or tortilla and let them put sauce and cheese and toppings on. Incorage them to make designs or letters with the toppings. I also like to make sandwiches and use large cookie cutters to make them into shapes and take off the crust. Also if time is a factor, you can never go wrong with spagetti or hamburger helper! Good luck!References :

  5. silly_me says:

    Let them help you make english muffin pizza.

    sauce the english muffin add a few pepperonis and some mozzarela cheese. Bake til cheese melted.

    Take about a cup powered sugar and mix it with a drop of milk at a time until it is a spreadable consistency.
    Spread on graham crackers and make a cookie sandwich.References :

  6. crazyjen says:

    hot dogs, sloppy joes, mac n' cheese, cheeseburgers, oven fried chicken

    I would suggest you do something that the kids can help you with that way you don't have to be worrying about what they're up to while you're cooking.References :

  7. says:

    Try Home made yogurt.Home made popcicles.Cake's?References : Georgian College.

  8. nataliexoxo says:

    make at home chicken nuggets. you cut the chicken in to bites and dredge in seasoned flour. i always double coat. you can fry or bake.
    then make your own fries. cut up large baking 'taters and fry till golden.References :

  9. Dottie R says:

    Snickerdoodles are always good. Kids can help with rolling the dough in the cinnamon sugar and then putting them on the baking sheets. If you like that idea, there's plenty of recipes for them on other sites, so I won't try to type one here for you.References :

  10. Leah R says:

    You should prepare foods that the kids can help out with! Make a chicken salad and have the kids stuff pita shells with some shredded lettuce, chicken salad, and top w/ some shredded cheese. (Depending on the kid, and yourself you can throw in a slice of tomato).

    A fun way to prepare celery is w/peanut butter spread inside and stick raisins inside the peanut butter. Yummy and fun.

    Or simple veggies w/dip.

    You can also prepare homemade pizza's and let the kids pick out their own toppings!

    Another idea, taco salads! Pile up the goodies (refried beans, taco meat-I like shredded chicken w/taco seasoning mix, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and any other veggies you can sneak past the kids). Surround the plate with tortilla chips.

    Good Luck!References :

  11. LX V says:

    Vegetable bugs.
    Set out chopped veggies and fruits (like you would for appetizers) and toothpicks to let them make 'bugs'. But the rule is you have to eat the bugs you makeReferences :

  12. lildeb1258 says:

    how aabout mini pizzas on an english muffin they can add their own toppings ,sauce and cheese then broil lots of fun!!!!References :

  13. Gisela Pikes says:

    easy marinara sauce recipe for you to cook at home

  14. Bart Dark says:

    The best quick meal for boys is hot dogs and pork & beans. Toppings are the individuality.


  15. Heather says:

    I think it is hilarious that people are saying things like, “where are the kids” or “you should be concerned with watching the kidsnot cooking” ….. If you knew how to read, she cleary stated, they are coming ater tonight…. And what is she supposed to feed them for dinner? Bologna??? Some people are just plain stupid!
    I would do something like mac n cheese with hotdogs or polish sausage

  16. Stephane you says:

    Just cook and have funn with the cool kids do not worrie

  17. justine says:

    how about something healthy and simple that the kids could help with like veggie pie you melt cheese on a tortilla and then add sour cream if you want then top em with all sorts of types of vegetables and for dessert you could melt marshmallows and butter and add just about any type of cereal and if u dont like that idea just mix a few ingredients ogether and add some thing healthy and something sweet. another idea is kabbobs there quick easy and healthy and fun just dice some fruits and veggies and put em on a stick. another idea is making mini kabobbs and mini sand wiches of different types and mini cookies or mini rice krispie treats. have fun be creative and ask the kids for help

  18. Esme says:

    I am babysitting.
    Here are some cooking options:
    hot dogs
    fruit salad (cut up very small)
    sloppy joe’s
    pitta pockets

  19. machaila&grace says:

    we babysitt here are some recipies:

  20. cupcake says:

    Dutch pancakes are always good you take pancake batter and and some sugar too it. Cook it like a regular pancake, but a way to make it more fun is to add bacon to them when they are partially done cooking.

  21. marhai19 says:

    I think your looking for something easy and fun when everyone is saying like spigetti and slopy joes but that is more difficult to make so something fun to make it mini subs just use a hot dog but and let the kids pick out what meat they like on it and what sause EX.(mustard, ketchup.) I also think something like cut up some bannanas strawberries, and oranges and various fruits and put them in a bowl. This teaches those kids who don’t like their food to tuch that its okay for them to, and its also teaching them that fruits and healthy foods are good! I hope this helps love.

  22. BooBear18 says:

    Kids Love having fruit Picnics! In may or so when the weather gets nice gather some fruit and head out side on a blanket and just relax!!
    Hope you can use it in the future!

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